Laurence Gardner, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, is a constitutional historian, international lecturer and broadcaster. Distinguished as the Chevalier Labhràn de St. Germain, Laurence Gardner is Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes and the appointed Jacobite Historiographer Royal.

As a worldwide emissary for the Royal House of Stewart, Sir Laurence Gardner is Prior of the Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba, a Knight Templar of St. Anthony and Envoy to the Grand Protectorate of the Imperial Dragon Court of Hungary.

William Henry, one of the world’s cutting edge mythologists, William Henry is perhaps one of the most credible experts available when it comes to the secret sciences and the technologies of our ancient ancestors. An authority on ancient mythology and the Holy Grail, he’s conducted eighteen years of intensive scientific, archaeological and historical research. What he’s discovered is truly amazing ! His working hypothesis is that stargates and wormholes are at the center of all the world’s myths and religions. William is the author of eight books on ancient mysteries and spirituality. During this exploration in France, he will be drawing on information contained in all of his books.

To experience & explore the secrets of the Holy Grail, alchemy & the ancient science of the stargate way or portal to Heaven.

Experience the sacred places and touch the home of the legends of the Knight Templars, Cathars, Mary Magdalene, and the Holy Grail. Journey to sacred sites and Gothic Cathedrals. See their clear use of sacred symbolism of the Grail and understand its profound energies. Hands on lectures at all sacred sites. Explore Rennes-Le-Chateau, the home of the Blue Apples, and the stargate myths of the Bible, including of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
Day 1. Monday, May 12. U.S./Paris. U.S./Paris
Connect from your home city to our international departure from New York's JFK airport. En route overnight to Paris

Day 2. Tuesday, May 13. Arrive Paris/ to Chartres.
Arrive Paris. Clear Immigration, Baggage Claim and Customs; transfer Chartres. Arrive afternoon. Introductory Meeting with William Henry, and Ivy West.. Dinner on your own, perhaps at one of the wonderful cafes near the Cathedral. After dinner, we will gather at Chartres Cathedral, known for its labyrinth. It sits on the site of an important Druid mystery center and has been dedicated to Alchemy and the Divine Feminine since Celtic times. We have private time to walk the perimeter of this phenomenal place. Overnight Chartres.

Day 3. Wednesday, May 14. Chartres - B
Morning tour of the Cathedral; experience the sacred symbolism of the Stargate Mystery Schools with William Henry. Free time in the afternoon. Meditate in the Cathedral, visit the Cathedral Tower for a panoramic view of Chartres, explore the Cathedral and grounds, or visit the shops and museums. Evening group meditation & discussion with William Henry to focus on absorbing the energy of the site through our bodies in order to more fully open our hearts and expand our consciousness for what awaits in Rennes-le-Chateau. Overnight Chartres.

Day 4. Thursday, May 15. Chartres/Rennes Le Chateau - B/L/D
Early departure to Rennes Le Chateau, site of the mystery of the Blue Apples, the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Depart by train Orleans to Carcasonne; met at station and transfer by coach through Carcassonne to Rennes Le Chateau. Arrive late afternoon & check into hotel. Group dinner, with visit afterwards to visit the Church of Mary Magdalene for a meditation. Free time rest of the evening. Overnight Rennes Le Chateau.

Day 5. Friday, May 16. Rennes Le Chateau - B/D
After breakfast, lecture by William about the secrets of the Blue Apples, 'the fruit of the wormholes', and symbol of the Stargate Mystery School. Afternoon, visit the Magdalene Tower, the museum with some of the artifacts & parchments that Sauniere found that led him to the treasure, & the Villa Bethania, Sauniere's home. Overnight Rennes Le Chateau.

Day 6. Saturday, May 17. Rennes Le Chateau - B/D
The secrets of the Blue Apples and the wormholes to Heaven are encoded in the surrounding landscape. Today we visit local attractions including stunning Templar commanderies at Coustassa and Bezu. Lunch in the village. Afternoon visit to Rennes Les Bains to soak in the hot springs. Return to our hotel. Overnight Rennes-Le-Chateau.

Day 7. Sunday, May 18. Day trip to Montsegur - B/L/D
Day visit to Montsegur, the ancient citadel and stronghold of the last Cathars. Legend says the Cathars hid the secrets of the Grail in air surrounding Montsegur. We'll attune with these mystery teachings, drawing from the well of its wisdom. Later return to our hotel. Free time. Overnight Rennes Le Chateau.

Day 8. Monday, May 19. Rennes Le Chateau/Carcasonne - B/L/D
Depart after breakfast in private motorcoach to the medieval walled city of Carcasonne, visited by the Knights Templars who worshipped the Goddess. Morning tour of the city. PM - free time to visit the St. Nazaires Church. Farewell Dinner. Overnight Carcasonne.

Day 9. Tuesday, May 20. Carcasonne/Paris - B/L
Early morning departure by train to Paris; lunch on train; arrive late afternoon. Transfer to our hotel, one of Europe's finest Three Star Hotels, with first class service and hospitality that elegently invites you to enjoy the serenity and good living of times past. Evening free. Overnight Paris.

Day 10. Wednesday, May 21. In Paris - B

Morning sightseeing tour of Paris; Eiffel Tower, the Arch de Triumph, The Louvre and other famous sites, including a visit to St. Denis, the first Gothic cathedral, and an important repository of Templar knowledge, and the powerful cathedral of Notre Dame. Free time in the afternoon.

Afternoon Lecture at our hotel with Laurence Gardner, followed by Question and Answer period.

Dinner on your own and evening free. Overnight Paris.

Day 11. Thursday, May 22. Paris - B/D
Free time in the morning for rest and/or individual exploration; Lunch on your own

Afternoon Lecture at our hotel with Laurence Gardner, followed by Question and Answer period.

Evening Farewell Dinner. Overnight Paris.

Day 12. Friday, May 23. - Paris/US - B
Transfer to the airport for our international departure to the U.S.; arrive same day.

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Optional Excursion to Marseille For the St. Maries de la Mer Festival May 23 - 25

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